Monday, April 14, 2014

Death and Regret
By Dustin L. Dyer

There are two things in this life that are unavoidable and you cannot escape them. Or can you??
1. Death
2. Regret
Physical Death is inevitable, it's coming no matter what we do. But there is a 2nd death and that is eternal separation from God. Physical death means very little when you think about the 2nd death. Physical death can take you at anytime but we have come to terms with that and we realize that our lives here on earth are short. The 2nd death is eternal, which means if you choose this path there is no end. It is not temporary and you will be conscious of it forever and eternally. God gives us a way of escape from death, The Way is Yeshua Ma'Mashiach (Jesus Christ)
So the problem of death can be solved, so lets X that one off the list. Or we will put it this way, the 2nd death is unavoidable and inescapable, ONLY WHEN WE CHOOSE THAT PATH. Note: we choose the 2nd death ourselves.

Now lets look at regret..

Regret and death can be best of friends when they work together against us. But they both can be abolished..
Regret comes when we do something in our physical lives that we cannot take back and yes, while we are here on this earth, some things cannot not be taken back. BUT, when we have the forgiveness of those we hurt, we can overcome regret. But what happens when we do something so bad that the other person will never forgive us. That is when we are no longer in control of the situation. What we do from here is, first, seek forgiveness from God and ask Yeshua to come into our hearts. We allow God to transform our minds. We turn away from our old lives and old life choices. This takes a lot of dedication and discipline and we will never be perfect at it and God knows this. But life is a constant struggle and a strive to be "Christ-Like" it's not a race to be perfect, because we lose that race every day. We must be born again because being born again keeps us from the second death, the second birth cancels out the 2nd death.

Now back to the person we hurt so badly, once we have sought out forgiveness from God, it is our job to pray for the one we hurt. They cannot forgive us because they are not in the right place yet with God themselves. We would love nothing more than to be the one to erase the pain we caused them but we don't have that power. Allow God to work in their lives so that one day they may approach you and say, "Hey, you hurt me, but I forgive you" When you hear those words, regret and death are defeated at the same time. Sometimes it doesn't work out that way but each of us must choose to love God and God works in our lives in His own time. Even if we never hear those words from the one we hurt, we have been forgiven by God. God will work in their lives just as He did in ours. Now we continue to walk in His ways for the rest of our lives.

So lets break it down..

If we never accept the 2nd birth, we live and die with all our regrets and sometimes our regrets drive us to bring death upon ourselves. And so when we refuse the 2nd birth, we will surely face the 2nd death. When we choose the 2nd death we will remain conscious of all our regrets for eternity.

If we choose the 2nd birth, the 2nd death is cancelled out. All our regrets and sins have been forgiven and erased in the eyes of God. There is no longer a reason to dwell and worry about the things of our past because we have been made a new creation. Our old selves have passed away and God has restored us. We will have eternal happiness to look forward to because He has prepared a place for each of us if we choose the 2nd birth....

Don't allow regret and death the opportunity to tag team you. Don't allow them to gang up on you and leave you defeated. The enemy uses tools like death, regret, confusion, and deception to destroy human lives. Sin can kill us if we allow it, Yeshua (Jesus) took those things that would destroy us and defeated them on the cross. Pick your head up and fight. Allow God to cover you in the blood of Christ and be a warrior in a world that has lost it's way. Be in the world but not of the world.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. (Romans 12:2)

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